Manuel Cicchetti “Tempo Intermedio”
Manuel Cicchetti, Treviso, 2020, The Space Cinema. Courtesy © Manuel Cicchetti.


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27 Oct 2022 - 21 Jan 2023



Manuel Cicchetti “Tempo Intermedio”

Tempo intermedio (Intermediate Time) is a project carried out over four years of work, during which Manuel Cicchetti traveled along Italy in search of those places such as shopping malls, gas stations, construction sites, factories, warehouses, bridges, skyscrapers and others, symbols of progress and economic fortune today necessarily challenged by a global crisis and in which the human being is totally absent from the scene portrayed.

That “Intermediate Time” that Manuel Cicchetti wants to tell is the period suspended between the definition of the future and a past that continues to mark people’s lives. The photographer’s Italian itinerary documents how the signs of the past, more or less recent, are still well present in daily life.