Marcello Maloberti “MARTELLATE”
Artist Marcello Maloberti inside his exhibition “MARTELLATE” at the Triennale in Milan. Photo by Andrea Rossetti.


Triennale Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano


26 Mar 2022 - 25 Apr 2022



Marcello Maloberti “MARTELLATE”

The exhibition, titled “MARTELLATE” (“Hammerings”) and curated by Damiano Gullì, is dedicated to the Marcello Maloberti’s thirty year-long project “A VOCE SCRITTA” (“WRITTEN VOICE”), the homonymous title of a MARTELLATA), combining a multitude of voices, a collection of oral and written relationships generating new relationships, a “psychedelic jam” of content and temporality.

For the first time, a large number of MARTELLATE (literally, “HAMMERINGS”) are on display in the Impluvium at Triennale. A series of black marker-written thoughts, bursting onto the white paper in a bold, shameless and permanent detonation. Phrases follow one another like an open book. Suspended and framed, they are kept in tension through four steel clamps, almost as if they were living words.

MARTELLATE is a performance language that describes everyday events and takes in the suggestions of urban settings. A human narrative that feeds on the other, on reality and relationships; a series of voices that give voice to absent bodies, at a time in society that is filled with emptiness and distance. This multifaceted project of Maloberti’s complements his visual work and is shaped to create ever new situations of encounter, where the relationship with the other is a fundamental part of the equation.