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Via Giuseppe Luosi, 30, 3020131 Milano MI


20 Nov 2021 - 26 Feb 2022



Marco Pio Mucci “The still life of living skeletons”

Organized on the first edition of Milano Drawing Week, the exhibition set up in the Castiglioni gallery showcases three drawings on print by Mucci and a watercolor on cardboard by De Pisis dated 1944: Senza titolo (natura morta con oggetti, penna e fiore). The encounter between Mucci’s and De Pisis’s work happened through the “Collection Ramo,” which offered a few masterpieces of major twentieth century artists to a series of contemporary artists during Milano Drawing Week. Among the many masters of the twentieth century, Mucci chose De Pisis, the eclectic and unclassifiable artist from Ferrara, who repeatedly approached the still life theme throughout his career. However, the choice of De Pisis is not only linked to this theme, but also to a shared predilection for drawing, which both artists saw as fertile ground for experimentation. For Mucci drawing does not represent a preparatory instance, a supporting or auxiliary item to outline the work to be done. It is rather his chosen medium, the expressive language that he increasingly favours, ever more so since founding the publishing house Sgomento in 2017, together with his artist friend Matteo Pomati.

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    Marco Pio Mucci