Marco Zanuso & Alessandro Mendini “Design e Architettura”
Child’s chair K1340 (later K4999), Kartell, 1959-1964. Kartell Museum Archive.


ADI Design Museum
Piazza Compasso d'Oro, 1, 20154 Milano MI


08 Mar 2022 - 12 Jun 2022


Editors’ Pick

Marco Zanuso & Alessandro Mendini “Design e Architettura”

Devoted to the work of Marco Zanuso and Alessandro Mendini, the exhibition produced by the ADI Design Museum is characterized by the protagonists’ ability to enhance the relationship between design and architecture. In addition to a comparison between the choice of the design method and the postmodern procedure, an in-depth examination highlights how the path of the two designers included a wide range of interests: two very different but complete visions. The evidence of this distance appears immediate if we look at their respective formal and aesthetic outcomes. By bringing them together, opposite each other, the exhibition originates a game of cross-references, juxtapositions, and mutual influences.

Comfort, Nuova Estetica, Grande Scala, Costruzione Modulare, Innovazione, and Muri in Pietra are the sections dedicated to Marco Zanuso; Alchimie, Global Toys, Decorazioni, Musei, Case, Testo e Immagine are those focused on Alessandro Mendini. The exhibition ends with a noteworthy installation in the spaces dedicated to the Compasso d’Oro Career Awards.