Maria Mulas. Milan, portraits of the late 20th century
©Maria Mulas, Fernanda Pivano e Toni Morrison, Milano, 1983.


Palazzo Reale del Duomo, 12, 20122 Milano MI


19 Nov 2022 - 08 Jan 2023



Maria Mulas. Milan, portraits of the late 20th century

In the itinerary that winds its way through the rooms of the Appartamento dei Principi, a hundred images are on display, selected from Maria Mulas’ large archive to document the photographer’s close relationship with Milan and its protagonists in the thirty years that ended the 20th century.

Artists, gallery owners, critics, designers, architects, writers, publishers, journalists, fashion designers, directors, actors, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, friends. Milan in those years is establishing itself as the capital of design, fashion, publishing. It is the place around which revolves a universe of native or adopted talents, arriving from all over Italy and the world, and Maria Mulas, who arrived in her early twenties in 1956 in the wake of her brother Ugo, gives them back to us with great freshness and intensity.

The seventies, eighties and nineties are for the artist a whirlwind of meetings, Venetian and Kassel Biennales, exhibition layouts and openings, literary presentations, parties and reportages around the world. But the privileged place of observation is always Milan, which, like a magnet, welcomes and integrates the various regional and foreign backgrounds, and is in those years an extraordinary laboratory of creativity and modernity that then sends its echoes throughout Italy and the world. By making the city her epicenter, Maria Mulas has shown in an extraordinary way the face of the Milanese, Italian and international artistic and cultural world.