Marino Ficola “Nodi”
Marino Ficola, Massa Bianca, 2022. Courtesy the artist.


Spazio PAePA
Via Alberto Mario, 26, 20149 Milano MI


01 Dec 2022 - 20 Jan 2023



Marino Ficola “Nodi”

Sculptor Marino Ficola returns at Spazio PAePA. The exhibition, curated by Giorgio Bonomi, entitled “Nodi,” presents a preview of a series of works conceived and created during the lockdown. The skillful manipulation of terracotta, which masterfully transforms into small modules held together by wires or wire mesh, remains at the core of his many years of research. Modules that multiply in space with obsessive repetition yet assuming different plastic forms, flat or three-dimensional. That of Marino Ficola, born and raised in Deruta, one of the world capitals of ceramics, is a challenge in the open field, leading as a “disciple” of great masters, from Picasso to Lucio Fontana just to to name the most famous, to give a contemporary form and language to a technique as old as old as the world.