Mario Testino “Unfiltered”


01 Oct 2021 - 28 Feb 2022



Mario Testino “Unfiltered”

A world exclusive, and for the first time in Italy, “Mario Testino: Unfiltered” is the first major exhibition of this celebrated artist and photographer’s work. Alongside his rarest and most iconic large format photographs, the Milanese gallery presents an exclusive and unpublished body of work available in new formats and editions, thereby revealing a lesser known, more spontaneous and personal side of the artist’s oeuvre.

The exhibition includes iconic and never-before-seen works and demonstrates the photographer’s vast creativity, as much in fashion as in his most intimate portraits, brought together in an ode to Italy. The exhibition, in fact, includes a selection of works from the recent publication Ciao (Taschen, 2020), a book dedicated to the artist’s love affair with Italy.

“Discovering Italy was a powerful experience that has captured my imagination.” said Mario Testino in a note to the press. “I felt a profound connection with everything I saw around me. I loved the people, the landscape, the architecture, and how art and beauty were such a casual, natural part of life” he added. 

  • Above:

    Mario Testino, Sienna Miller, Rome, American Vogue, 2007.