Matteo Carassale “Fiori Rubati”


Nonostante Marras
Via Cola di Rienzo, 8, 20144 Milano MI


30 Sep 2021 - 31 Oct 2021



Matteo Carassale “Fiori Rubati”

The images – created without the aid of post-production – invite us to reflect on the state of precarious balance between vitality and decay, between the transience of existence and the immortality of photography.

Carassale’s research was born during the lockdown, in which the feelings of constriction on the one hand and hope on the other are rendered in his shots by atmospheres without context and by the dreamlike light that feebly touches the flowers, emblems of transience but also of beauty and resurrection. And as Francesca Alfano Miglietti points out: “In these Fiori rubati emerges the close link between life and death, between subtraction and addition, between appearance and disappearance. A recurring theme of Carassale’s poetics: taking time and turning one’s gaze to observe the wonder hidden in every single subject. Observation and admiration. These are his key words.”

Leaves, poppies, calla lilies, prunus, roses, strelitzias, viburnums, the flowers tell of the origins of the photographer, born and raised in Liguria, and of his work of subtraction, almost of ‘theft,’ from the nature of plants in order to capture the essence of their vegetative state inside his laboratory, in search of the ephemeral, the impermanence, the elegance of fragility.

In the photos emerges the unstable balance of the life cycle, the perpetual renewal, the splendor of growth and the decline of the yield, in a sort of allegory of existence full of shades, soft colors, colored shadows. For the artist, the flower becomes: “a caress to heal the wounds inflicted by our sense of freedom that divides from our body, a symbol of beauty to offer and receive in times of difficulty as a memento and at the same time as a wish for rebirth.”

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    Matteo Carassale “Fiori Rubati”.