Matteo Pizzolante “La linea che ci divide dal domani”
Matteo Pizzolante, Minimal gesture, 2022. Courtesy FuturDome. Photo by Atto.


Via Giovanni Paisiello, 6, 20131 Milano MI


27 Oct 2022 - 28 Jan 2023



Matteo Pizzolante “La linea che ci divide dal domani”

The project presents a new body of site-specific artworks developed by artist Matteo Pizzolante in relation to the spatial peculiarities and the history of FuturDome’s exhibition spaces, as well as to the materials that redefine its building shell, activating a change of temporal intensity that entails a subtraction of the present.

“La linea che ci divide dal domani” (The Line Dividing Us From Tomorrow) investigates the instant from which the reconstruction of the narrative of an event originates, determining how a memory switches from its state of inert sensibility to its state of active sensibility.

In psychology, events of reality are not identified as facts but rather as experiences. Experiences are the means
by which we emotionally perceive the world, the only way we can discover and alter it.
The title of the exhibition is conceived in reference to the imaginary line drawn on the earth’s surface that
determines the change of date, at the 180th meridian. The traveler moving from Asia to America must count
the same date twice, while the one going in the opposite direction must skip a day.