Max Ernst between surrealists and surrealisms
Le Voyage dans la lune, Georges Méliès.


Cinema Arlecchino
Via S. Pietro All'Orto, 9, 20121 Milano MI


07 Oct 2022 - 24 Feb 2023



Max Ernst between surrealists and surrealisms

For the major retrospective at the Palazzo Reale dedicated to Max Ernst, Cineteca Milano presents screenings on the cinema of Surrealism, focusing not only on the German painter’s specific contribution to the seventh art, but more generally to small and large films that, inside or outside the framework of the historical avant-gardes, operated a systematic sabotage of the mechanisms of rationality in order to pursue dreamlike, fantastic, unusual paths, in any case deeply marked by that artistic event.

Beginning with the naive and unconscious surrealism of Georges Méliès, whose seminal Voyage dans la lune will be seen, the program traverses the historical season of the avant-garde, from its origins (L’Etoile de mer, by Man Ray) to its late fruits (Dreams That Money can Buy, by Hans Richter), dwelling on the contribution of masters such as Luis Buñuel and precisely Max Ernst, and finally suggesting occasions of heretical surrealism (that of Germaine Dulac, Jean Cocteau or Jean Epstein) or unorthodox surrealism (Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre or Alfred Hitchcock’s I Will Save You).