Momenti di Moda
Corset from XX Century. Photo by Giulia Bellezza.


Palazzo Morando
Via Sant'Andrea, 6, 20121 Milano MI


17 Sep 2022 - 30 May 2023



Momenti di Moda

A journey through the many radical transformations of twentieth-century fashion is what the exhibition “Momenti di Moda” offers to visitors through seven sections in the Palazzo Morando’s spaces.

The exhibitions starts at the beginning of the century with the corset that is still considered fundamental in the fashion world, but whose elimination has been one of the first effects of women’s emancipation. After the advent of the casual Flappers young women of the 1920s, the elegance of the 1930s, the hardships of World War II, and the great tailoring of the 1950s, the journey ends with the birth of Italian prêt à porter in the 1970s and a dungaree chosen as a symbol of the youth fashions of the period.
Linking the journey through fashion history to the theme of the Museum’s collections is a suit from 1963 by Mary Quant donated in 1981 by the English designer.

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