My Clowder Is Ready, We Gather at Dawn
My clowder is ready, we gather at dawn. Courtesy Casa degli Artisti.


Casa degli Artisti
Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga, 20121 Milano MI


12 - 30 Nov 2022



My Clowder Is Ready, We Gather at Dawn

Curated by Irene Sofia Comi and Chiara Spagnol, the exhibition presents unreleased, site-specific works and projects, produced throughout the residency by Andreas Andronikou, Babau, Irene Fenara, Anna Franceschini, Paolo Gonzato with the collaboration of Rachele De Niro, Elda Miniero, and Sanjeshka (Sanja Pupovac). Born out of an idea of Milovan Farronato, the exhibition aims to investigate the image of the domestic feline par excellence, the cat, embracing themes such as unforeseeability, mysticism, and crepuscularity.

A constant presence in visual cultures all over the world, the iconography of Felis catus bears symbolic and archetypal connotations that permeate the entire history of humankind, from the drawings of ancient Egypt to the contemporary aesthetics of digital memes. The figure of the cat as unconventional and other will thus be interpreted starting from the feline’s most secret, magical, and wildest aspects, as well as its fleeting and contradictory nature, and its resistance to domestication.