NONNOBURRO “Bar Miracoli”
NONNOBURRO, Bar Miracoli. Courtesy Spazio Martín.


Spazio Martín
Via Alfredo Catalani, 35, 20131 Milano MI


13 - 30 Oct 2022



NONNOBURRO “Bar Miracoli”

Bar Miracoli is NONNOBURRO first solo exhibition in Milan. It is an invitation to enter a place and time that never existed and that can be recognized with melancholic nostalgia. As on the threshold of an entrance to a provincial bar, a certain suspension of time illuminates with a light that leaves no escape the social, cultural and political being of bodies private and public at the same time. Known or unknown for the duration of a song, hopelessly monstrous and human.

Within the perimeter of this imaginary bar, the artist operates as the director of a series of scenes whose action is actually entrusted to the randomness of unlikely encounters: childhood memories mingle with those of a collective memory that tells of a time both recent and distant, transmitted through television and film images.
Reaffirming the province as a dimension of universal encounter, Bar Miracoli welcomes anyone in search of meaning.