Paola Di Bello “Home Less Home”


Casa della Memoria
Via Federico Confalonieri, 14, 20124 Milano MI


05 Sep 2021 - 24 Oct 2021



Paola Di Bello “Home Less Home”

The video-installation site-specific by Paola Di Bello features, through the imagery of new housing spaces of the homeless people in Milan in the last few years, an artistic journey that hypostatize the ordinary, where “the art is the starting point of the learning process.”

In the exhibition, Paola Di Bello describes the homeless people’s stories looking at their shelters, the objects that compose them, the exceptional things that make them unique. These are poor possibilities and great ambitious: mattresses, books, saints and rosaries, domestic memories, a cardboard box that becomes a one cubic meter studio-apartment, a blanket laying over a breath of hot air exhaling from a street grate in the city center ready to fly, detaching from reality.

The exhibition installation, only projectors reproducing the images on the walls, is deliberately ephemeral and almost transparent as is these people’s presence in the solidity of the metropolis.

The exhibition is curated by Maria Fratelli, and promoted by Casa della Memoria | Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Galleria Bianconi (Milan).

  • Above:

    Paola Di Bello, Home Less Home, Corso Matteotti, Milano, 2019. Courtesy The Artist And Galleria Bianconi.