Paolo Bufalini “eve”


Via Degli Scipioni, 7, 20129 Milano MI


03 - 22 Dec 2021



Paolo Bufalini’s solo exhibition drives the audience to an estranging imaginary: a heterogeneous combination of dream-like, prophetic and ordinary elements coexist while creating an indefinite, atemporal setting.

As part of the artist’s research project, the exhibition takes shape as a site-specific installation with the purpose of exploring “the magic and spectral side within the ordinary”. Paolo Bufalini operates on MASSIMO space by altering and contaminating the ambience. The whole layout recalls simultaneously an event that already existed and something yet to happen. A cyclical time that returns in the ambiguity of a palindrome and polysemic title, linked to the proper name but also translatable as vigil, a reference to the waiting time that precedes an event. In this way, eve is home to various meanings, all gathered in a combination of elements that welcome and protect them.