Paolo Cavinato “Another Place”


The Flat - Massimo Carasi
Via Paolo Frisi, 3, 20129 Milano MI


30 Sep 2021 - 20 Dec 2021



Paolo Cavinato “Another Place”

From large installations to small objects, sculptures to compositions of fluorocarbon threads, Paolo Cavinato’s main challenge remains his only objective: to look elsewhere, to imagine the invisible.

The exhibition brings together a nucleus of works that exemplifies the poetic of Paolo Cavinato, centered around the concept of thresholds and boundaries, both fundamental elements of an artistic search that constantly examines the idea of otherness. These aspects figure in the works on both an aesthetic level – with references to rooms, houses, empty places – as well as in the inferred states they embody – stasis, reflection, desire. To these, new and important innovations in the artist’s expressive repertoire are added: from the use of color in relation to time as the fourth dimension, to the use of the sound as a complementary component to the idea of ​​movement.

If the relationships between finite and infinite, chaos and order have always been constants of his work, on this occasion Paolo Cavinato plunges his analysis into the middle ground between reality and representation. To do this, he creates an engaging environment, a multisensory space where echoes of dimensions far and near converge to tell of a world whose nature is yet to be grasped.

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    Courtesy of The Flat – Massimo Carasi.