Paolo Salvador “Los últimos días del gato de fuego”
Courtesy Peres Projects Photo Credits: t-space studio IG: @t_space_studio


Peres Projects
Piazza Belgioioso, 2, 20121 Milano MI


14 Sep 2022 - 07 Oct 2022



Paolo Salvador “Los últimos días del gato de fuego”

There is a sense of intimacy and companionship between the figures depicted on Paolo Salvador’s canvases, an expression of the Andean cosmo vision that observes a balance between all living beings. In allusion to the topography of Peru, similarly fluid background colors meet on one picture plane to describe indistinct and surreal surroundings which also intertwine with the figures represented. In “El talisman rojo” (2022), for instance, painted marks in peach and violet twist together to produce a hazy backdrop, through which a faint sun-like orb glows. Three figures stand in front, gazing out toward the viewer, seeming also to survey their obscure surroundings.

Salvador knowingly omits anything in his work that fixes the scenes in time or place – clothing and landmarks, for instance – although these vast environments perhaps most closely relate to the ocean horizons of Salvador’s home city of Lima. Horizons appear in multiples in Salvador’s works, suggestive of several dimensions, and here they represent overlapping or coexisting cosmologies and systems of knowledge.