Particle “Disturbing The Balance”
Courtesy Particle


BASE Milano
Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milano MI


13 - 17 Sep 2022



Particle “Disturbing The Balance”

“Disturbing The Balance” by Particle is a digital exhibition by 5 artists (IOCOSE, Joana Moll, Sultana Zana, Mark Ramos + Ziyang Wu), imagined and tailored for the Particle app, and together an interactive experience in the spaces of BASE Milano to explore the controversial relationships between humans, the environment and technology.

At BASE Milan, the digital exhibition is declined into interactive experiences in which the visitor can get involved through stimuli, prompts and call to action, starting from the works themselves. Here, physical reality enters to support the digital one finding in the exhibition space, one of the possible declinations of the project designed for the app. In addition, a public program of initiatives will animate the days of the exhibition, with talks with artists and partners, workshops for young and old, and other moments designed to engage different audiences.