Patrick Tuttofuoco “LIKE THEY WERE ETERNAL”


Schiavo Zoppelli Gallery
Via Martiri Oscuri, 22, 20125 Milano MI


09 Sep 2021 - 15 Nov 2021



Patrick Tuttofuoco “LIKE THEY WERE ETERNAL”

Like They Were Eternal, the artist’s latest work, focuses on a more intimate dimension, with a meditative approach. The show is a study of time and space through a new awareness, with Tuttofuoco venturing an interpretation of these concepts that allows one to experience them in a new and more fluid way. An immersive installation, it proposes eliminating and possibly blending into a single experience our mental framework of linear time, the dualism between soul and body, life-on-earth and afterlife and the suspended present time.

In recent years scientists and philosophers have theorized that time does not exist outside of human experience, or, rather, that it is divided, chaotic, broken up. Its passing, in other words, is not absolute, but depends on the state of the observer. And yet, while physical time may have collapsed, it remains, along with space, the main reference point for the human condition, for our existence in the world. Man is a sort of time machine, he generates it in its succession of instants, actions and events, determining its existence, through the memory and the yearning for the future.

In order to share his vision, Tuttofuoco, has chosen his own family, the people with whom he has the most direct and strongest bond, the people who, more than anyone else, are the symbol of the urgency of interaction between individuals.

  • Above:

    Photo Andrea Rossetti.