Project Room #7 with Valeria Petrone
Valeria Petrone, Phara. Photo by Marco Davolio. Courtesy the Artist.


Archivio Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck
Via Marco Antonio Bragadino, 2, 20144 Milano MI


26 Sep 2022 - 28 Nov 2022



Project Room #7 with Valeria Petrone

The Archive Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck promotes a Project Room program within the spaces where the artist worked from 2008 to 2014.

Project Room #7 will feature the illustrator, painter and author Valeria Petrone who has been inspired by the materials stored in the atelier archive to create a new work that reflects on the idea of portraits. The project will be accompanied by a text by writer Umberto Sebastiano: a poetic portrait of Van den Broeck.

Petrone begins her research in the Atelier Archive starting from the so peculiar name of Pharaildis, and finds in some images and stories of those who knew the Belgian-born artist the suggestion of the warrior from which the new works that will be on display in the exhibition are born.