Rafa Silvares “Tobogã Vesuvius”
Rafa Silvares, Tobogã Vesuvius. Courtesy Peres Projects. Photo by t-space studio IG: @t_space_studio.


Peres Projects
Piazza Belgioioso, 2, 20121 Milano MI


13 Oct 2022 - 11 Nov 2022



Rafa Silvares “Tobogã Vesuvius”

When immersing ourselves in the seven oil paintings brought together in the exhibition “Tobogã Vesuvius” our gaze is magnetized by their texture, vibrant surfaces and the affirmation of color that gives us back a range of synesthesia. In a similar way, Rafa Silvares’ titles ramify interpretations by adding irreverent, ironic and iconic layers to the works.

The precise boundaries between masses and forms are a way of detaching figuration from a single meaning even further. The works’ reflective treatments mean that sometimes they are contaminated by neighboring elements and, in other cases, they actually seem completely indifferent, reinforcing the character of collage, that is, elements that formally dialogue but do not coalesce. In these hyperrealist illusions, we are introduced to everyday objects, architectural elements and omnipresent fluids that inhabit placeless landscapes. From the moment when artifacts and architectural elements are de-functionalized and freed from their context, they acquire agency and dignity, and become radical still lives.