“Ritratte. Direttrici di musei italiani”


Palazzo Reale
P.za del Duomo, 12, 20122 Milano MI


03 Mar 2022 - 01 May 2022



“Ritratte. Direttrici di musei italiani”

The artistic project with the shots by photographer Gerald Bruneau is part of the commitment of the Bracco Foundation to enhance female skills in the various fields of knowledge and contribute to overcoming prejudices, so as to encourage an increasingly large presence of women in positions apical.

The exhibition illuminates the life and professional achievements of 22 women at the helm of primary cultural institutions in our country, a sort of Grand Tour that touches 14 important Italian cities from North to South.

The main subject of “Ritratte” is female leadership. Museums, “sacred places to the Muses”, are spaces dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of our artistic heritage, custodians of our past and thought laboratories for building the future. In addition, they are also companies with budgets and financial plans, which contribute crucially to our economy. Managing these institutions involves multidisciplinary skills, a combination of profound knowledge of the history of art and management and creative skills.