Ruth Beraha “Io di te non mi stanco”


Ncontemporary Milano
Via Giovanni Lulli, 5, 20131 Milano MI


13 Sep 2021 - 30 Oct 2021



Ruth Beraha “Io di te non mi stanco”

Io di te non mi stanco is the title of the first solo show of Ruth Beraha (*1986, Italy) at Ncontemporary, in Milan.

The exhibition presents a series of new works, able to empty spaces of aesthetic references and place the visitor at the center of the project, observed and questioned by the works. Light, materials and sound take the place of images, in an exhibition conceived as the first chapter of a project focused on the theme of iconoclasm that will continue further in 2022.

At the heart of Io di te non mi stanco is the Visionarie series, made of ceramics sculptures, hand-painted by the artist. On the one hand the works that make up Visionarie represent the centrality of the sense of sight; on the other, playing on a surreal and dreamlike level, they tell the mystery of the vision.

As the result of a reflection on the power of the gaze and the domination of images in contemporary society, the works on display force the visitor to take the point of view of the observed, overturning the usual perspective and questioning the nature of desire.

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    Courtesy of Ncontemporary.