Sabrina Mezzaqui “I quaderni di Hannah Arendt”


Palazzo Borromeo
Piazza Borromeo, 12, 20123 Milano MI


16 Sep 2021 - 02 Nov 2021



Sabrina Mezzaqui “I quaderni di Hannah Arendt”

Palazzo Borromeo reopened its prestigious frescoed spaces and its internal courtyard to the public on the occasion of miart 2021. Thanks to LCA Studio Legale, Antonini Milano, AXA XL and Apice’s collaboration throughout the years as well as the support of the Galleria Minini and the Galleria Continua, an exhibition of Sabrina Mezzaqui inaugurated inside the beautiful Palazzo Borromeo. Sabrina Mezzaqui is an artist who manages, through a process of reflective self-discipline, to revitalize and express the essential detachment from words using images and objects. The principle of distance, cultivated in the secret rooms of an intimacy that is reflected in her choices of life and in her periods of isolation and suspension, reverberates in a practice – as meticulous as it is compulsive – where construction and deconstruction follow one another.

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    Courtesy of LCA Studio Legale.