Salvatore Vitale “Persuasive Systems”


Ncontemporary Milano
Via Giovanni Lulli, 5, 20131 Milano MI


Nov 24 2021 - Jan 16 2022



Over the last decade, contemporary art, film and visual studies have started to deal more and more frequently and precisely with issues related to security and surveillance. As has been well demonstrated in various studies, despite its undoubted political relevance, this binomial has slipped to the margins of public debate while, by contrast, numerous exhibitions have not only highlighted the growing attention of artists to this issue, but also confirmed the indissoluble link between the photographic medium and the need to "spy" on others. Persuasive System is a site-specific intervention by Salvatore Vitale (1986, Palermo) that fits precisely into the framework of practical and theoretical discussion mentioned above. In the project room of the gallery, with a new project, Vitale presents a work on the influence of surveillance devices in the transformation of social codes in public space.