Silke Otto-Knapp
Silke Otto-Knapp, Figure (bending) II, 2020. Photo by © Sebastiano Pellion di Persano. Courtesy of the Artist & greengrassi, London.


Casa Mutina
Via Cernaia, 1A, 20121 Milano MI


18 Nov 2022 - 13 Mar 2023



Silke Otto-Knapp

Curator Sarah Cosulich has imagined a space in which the paintings by Silke Otto-Knapp interact with the ceramics opening a dialogue between figuration and abstraction. Here, painting overlaps with the articulated ceramic setting, creating new perspectives in the encounter between movement and solidity, body and matter, form and scenery.

The artist’s paintings—rigorously black and white—represent figures that fluctuate in space in an interplay of between positive and negative. Obtained through the use of watercolours in a complex process of absorbance and stratification, the forms seem to move on a stage with no thresholds; a type of theatre in which subject and background exchange the role of protagonist.