Simon Dybbroe Møller “What Do People Do All Day”
Simon Dybbroe Møller, What Do People Do All Day, 2022, installation view at Francesca Minini. Courtesy the artist and Francesca Minini. Photo by Andrea Rossetti.


Galleria Francesca Minini
Via Privata Massimiano, 25, 20134 Milano MI


15 Nov 2022 - 14 Jan 2023



Simon Dybbroe Møller “What Do People Do All Day”

“What Do People Do All Day” uses the gallery’s architecture as backdrop, its furnishings as props and its staff as extras in a staging of a TV series like video piece. Simon Dybbroe Møller’s adaptation of Richard Scarry’s iconic 1968 children’s book “What Do People Do All Day” replaces the original’s drawings of cute anthropomorphized animals doing people-things in industrious and purposeful Busytown with real life neurotic humans operating in the schizophrenic landscape of post-capitalism. Here app-based gig economy occupations rub shoulders with vocations that seem weirdly anachronistic. We are reminded of how much remains unchanged, how we still fix the sewers, serve meals, cut down trees and drive trucks. We are taken on a journey from the idealistic “everybody is a worker” of Busytown to todays techno capitalist “everything is work”. The first three episodes of the mini-series debuted in 2020; this show marks the premiere of the final and conclusive episode.