Sonia Kacem “3 pieghe, 4 archi e 1 rettangolo”
Sonia Kacem, Piega (Argento, Turchese), 2022.


31 Mar 2022 - 21 May 2022



Sonia Kacem “3 pieghe, 4 archi e 1 rettangolo”

The exhibition will feature a new body of sculptural and wall-based works, conceived in particular with the consideration of the gallery’s location in Milan. “3 pieghe, 4 archi e 1 rettangolo” follows Kacem’s recent stay at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, the famed metal casting foundry established in Milan in 1913 by Ercole Battaglia, Giulio Pogliani and Ricardo Frigerio, where the artist created three new sculptural works in bronze. In addition to this, and responding directly to the gallery’s architecture, Kacem adapted five coloured patterns from her watercolor sketchbooks into unique wallpapers bearing loose geometric shapes and natural forms. With her presentation in Milan, Kacem eloquently translates her lexicon of references and aesthetics into materials and forms new to her practice while adhering to an ongoing exploration of sculpture as a medium.