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Cabinet / Studiolo
Via Alessandro Tadino, 20, 20124 Milano MI


19 Nov 2021 - 10 Jan 2022



Sono Metafisico Non Sono Metafisico

“Sono Metafisico Non Sono Metafisico” is a special project between Riccardo Beretta (Mariano Comense, 1982) and Domenico Gnoli (Roma, 1933 – New York 1970) curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi and conceived for the first edition of Milano Drawing Week – an event entirely dedicated to drawing supported by Collezione Ramo and curated by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli. 

“The title of this exhibition originates from a drawing that I realized in 2018 after having read Domenico Gnoli’s letters and writings.  These two antithetical statements – found in his brief biography – impressed me also because right in that moment I was working on a series of embroideries where negative and positive cognitions were tied together by the embroidery itself […] being and not being metaphysical, also means finding oneself in a state between waking and sleeping, between consciousness and unconsciousness”: says Riccardo Beretta explaining the origin of the title. At first sight a contradictory statement that, at the same time, encloses both the link with Domenico Gnoli’s work and the fascination towards the search for a “space” that is able to bring together the extremes of a reasoning in the form of drawing.

Drawing has been a constant and indispensable part of Gnoli’s work; since the late 1950s he collaborated as an illustrator for magazines like Life, Fortune, Holy Magazine e Horizon, and also as an engraver and set designer. It is precisely thanks to drawing, and its inherent communicative energy, that Gnoli frees caprices of his imagination, often – paradoxically – condensed, in the rigorous and now famous pictorial close-ups. His illustrations are made of thousands signs’s elements that, like microscopic metal grids, bend and overlap defining bodies, objects, landscapes, tales (like those made by Moravia for Playboy) or also trips’s memoryes that open in babelic visions whose vertigo is often exaltated by “bird’s-eye view”.

  • Above:

    Domenico Gnoli, Caprice n. 6 - The apple, 1955. Courtesy Collezione Ramo, Milano.