Spryros Rennt “Body Heat”


Spazio Martín
Via Alfredo Catalani, 35, 20131 Milano MI


12 Nov 2021 - 05 Dec 2021



Spryros Rennt “Body Heat”

“Body Heat” is Spryros Rennt’s first solo exhibition in Italy. The bodies of lovers, friends or strangers, portrayed in private or public (often documented in the context of Berlin’s underground rave scene) are the main focus of the exhibition. Rennt has produced an impressive array of images documenting his personal experiences. His aim through this personal documentation is to contribute to the public discourse on sexual emancipation and to support the visibility and representation of the LGBTQ+ community. While pictures can only present and reconstruct his past experiences in an inevitably fragmented way, the love that binds the photographer to individuals, to groups of people (and even parts of their bodies), is obvious throughout his work; it is what connects him to the very essence of his community.

  • Above:

    Spryros Rennt, Your hands around his body. Courtesy of Spazio Martín.