Tales of The Future – 初語未来
Kang Haoxian, Romance Novel, 2022.


Tube Culture Hall
Piazza XXV Aprile 11/B, 20154 Milano MI


01 - 28 Apr 2022



Tales of The Future – 初語未来

Tales of The Future features all new paintings by Jia, Kang, and Meng, each artist with their own distinctive sensibilities that render their works unique interpretations of contemporary global visual culture and pictorial story-telling. Each artist’s work envisions a version of reality inspired by their own imagination, capturing a unique dimension that lingers between the real world and the surreal. 

Never having ceased their creative practice throughout the pandemic, Jia, Kang, and Meng find a zealous dark humor in destructing the ever-fluctuating overflow information of our chaotic world, at once retaining and reconciling with the protagonists that pop out of their minds. Together, the three artists’ works manifest distinct creative languages that are born both out of fantasy and of the reality that—due to the pandemic—we are now ever more synced up with and reliant upon all that exists in the ether and the virtual universe. 

The exhibition aims to offer the viewer a glimpse into the world of emerging Chinese contemporary art, and as well into dimensions begetting the future of creative language.