The Edge Effect


Via Paullo, 12/A, 20135 Milano MI


11 - 26 Nov 2021




Editors’ Pick

The Edge Effect

In the world of ecology, an ecotone is a transitional area where two different ecosystems meet, mix and merge. The effect of this mix is an increase in biodiversity, as well as the density and uniqueness of organisms, and the mutual influence between the two ecosystems is called the “edge effect”. This is the perfect metaphor of what is happening throughout society as it pertains to our perceptions and ideas of identity. While the tension between localism and globalization, between a virtual existence without borders or frontiers and an increasingly fragmented social and political reality is radicalized, the artistic practice is increasingly becoming a place and space to reflect on the concept of belonging and its varying definitions. The artists on display, each in their own way, showcase many variations of contemporary Italian identity. Some do it from an exquisitely biographical point of view, others through a visual dialogue, while others write their stories by way of an exploration of fashion or digital art. All however, through their work, manage to bring to life a new idea of what it means to be Italian: a fluid idea in constant change, distant from Hollywood stereotypes or standardizations, creating new dialogue and challenging the idea of tradition.

  • Above:

    Rachele Maistrello
    Gao Yue #1 (1998-1999?), c-print, 50 x 70 cm, 2019.