The Tempest
La Tempesta. Photo by Alessandro Serra.


Piccolo Teatro
Largo Antonio Greppi 1, 20121 Milano MI


15 - 27 Nov 2022



The Tempest

An island lost in the Mediterranean, a father trying to recover his lost duchy, a daughter who has never seen any other human being but him, a spirit of the air, a deformed monster. Alessandro Serra brings William Shakespeare’s ultimate masterpiece on the stage.

The director says, “‘The Tempest’ is a hymn to theater made with theater, whose magical power lies precisely in this unique and unrepeatable possibility of accessing to metaphysical dimensions through the waffling of a company of comedians treading four wooden planks, with a few objects and a pile of patched-up costumes. Therein lies its ancestral charm, namely in the fact that everything happens in front of our eyes, that everything is real while being so blatantly simulated, but above all that that superhuman power is manifested only provided there is an audience willing to listen and see, to imagine, to share the silence to create the ritual. Humans will always long for the theater because it has remained the only place which human beings can exercise their right to the magical act.”