Three ways to say the same thing
Martina Cassatella. Photo by Michela Pedranti.


ArtNoble gallery
Via Ponte di Legno, 9, 20134 Milano MI


20 Sep 2022 - 24 Nov 2022



Three ways to say the same thing

Three ways to say a new painting, without any sense of guilt, without inferiority complexes compared to other languages. This group exhibition features works by Martina Cassatella, Roberto de Pinto, Emilio Gola and it is curated by Antonio Grulli.

Three different painters, yet united by a shared spirit.

Martina’s painting is made of hands, light and hair. In each painting these are declined and recombined differently. Three elements that allow to investigate the way in which painting is capable of becoming a plastic form, the way in which colour becomes a nucleus of light, and the way in which the abstract line can be a figure capable of activating and destabilizing the pictorial surface, going on to create intense ghostly figures.

Roberto populates the canvas with bodies originating from the deep Mediterranean. They are the painter’s alter-egos, idle, immersed in water or in the shadows of vegetation; sometimes only a part of the faces or an anatomical detail emerges, sometimes they are depicted in not very busy groups, perhaps because of the heat. The techniques he uses, encaustic and pastels, become erotic about skin, tans, and shadows on bodies.

Emilio is point, line and surface. The bodies of friends create temporary constellations in continuous reformulation; recurring pictorial motifs rendered through textures made through the use of tools unrelated to painting, to which lines charged with kinetic energy capable of synthesizing the dynamics of bodies, and pictorial surfaces through which the lines and points of the textures are enhanced.