Trisha Baga “Time Machine”
Trisha Baga, RuPaul: Calcified Encasing for Virtual Assistant, 2018. Courtesy the artist.


Gió Marconi
Via Tadino 20


08 Oct 2022 - 20 Dec 2022



Trisha Baga “Time Machine”

Best known for their immersive video installations, performances and ceramics, the artist Trisha Baga has built a reputation for works that test the boundaries between the digital and the real worlds and that explore themes of pop culture, gender identity, politics and environmental issues. “Time Machine” is the second solo exhibition at the gallery by the American artist which focuses primarily on their painting practice.

On display at the gallery there is a new group of paintings in combination with a variety of ceramic clocks. The paintings are part of a new series in which Baga focuses on computer desktop and screensaver images. Ever since the pandemic started and people have spent an exceeding amount of time in front of their computer screens, Baga has been intrigued by the colourful, oftentimes exotic, lush landscapes which function as screensavers and which oftentimes could not be farther away from the real world: pristine, snow-covered mountain ranges underneath sunny skies, wild rural landscapes or regal arctic icebergs bring an ideal and sublime world into the viewer’s home and onto their computer screens.