Un sindaco fuori dal Comune: Angelo Filippetti
Agenda by Angelo Filipetti.


Casa della Memoria
Via Federico Confalonieri, 14, 20124 Milano MI


20 Oct 2022 - 13 Nov 2022



Un sindaco fuori dal Comune: Angelo Filippetti

An exhibition to rediscover the events and thought of Angelo Filippetti. An opportunity to show a new and unpublished source: his very rich private archive, which his family members decided to donate to the Parri Institute. On August 3, 1922, fascist and nationalist squads occupied Palazzo Marino, effectively ousting Angelo Filippetti, the last democratically elected mayor of Milan before the shadow of dictatorship fell over the country, from office.

From his personal archives, which are being opened to the public for the first time, the extraordinary complexity of his story emerges: a compelling plot that the curators have decided to illustrate by crossing the gaze of historical research – coordinated by Jacopo Perazzoli of the University of Bergamo – with an evocative setting, entrusted to Paola Fortuna’s +fortuna studio.
Leafing through Filippetti’s diaries, one encounters curious black silhouettes: silhouettes drawn by hand of his daughter Giulia and companion Vittoria, familiar reminders of the visit to the Universal Exposition in Milan in 1906. A suggestion that the curators have taken from it to draw the graphic sign with which some of the protagonists are presented of this story: black silhouettes accompany the visitor along the route exhibition and are gradually outlined by the historical narrative.

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