Vibeke Mascini “Rendezvous”
Vibeke Mascini, Rendezvous, 2022, detail from research and process. Courtesy the artist.


Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
Via Vigevano, 9, 20144 Milano MI


28 Sep 2022 - 18 Dec 2022



Vibeke Mascini “Rendezvous”

Interested in the possibilities of transformation of subject matter through the alternative and self-generative use of electricity, the exhibition “Rendezvous” by Vibeke Mascini is conceived for the spaces of the Foundation. The Dutch artist brings his research into dialogue with suggestions from from an in-depth study of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s artistic practice and the documents preserved in his archive.

Mascini creates complex multimedia installations, often in collaboration with scholars from other disciplines, about the balance of specular concepts such as life-death, positive-negative, action-extasis.
From these interests comes the artist’s curiosity about Arnaldo Pomodoro’s use of cuttlebone as a support to be engraved for the creation of jewelry and small sculptures, in which the negative trace of the object.