Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi


Museo del Novecento del Duomo, 8, 20123 Milano MI


07 Sep 2021 - 20 Feb 2022


€ 8-10

Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi

The Museo del Novecento, in collaboration with the Vincenzo Agnetti Archive and the Associazione Paolo Scheggi, presents the focus Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi, Il Tempio. La nascita dell’Eidos. Un progetto ritrovato (Vincenzo Agnetti and Paolo Scheggi, THE TEMPLE. Birth of Eidos. A rediscovered project), created from the scientific study and the restitution to the public of a four-handed work created by the artists Vincenzo Agnetti (Milan, 1926-1981) and Paolo Scheggi (Settignano-Florence, 1940-Rome, 1971) designed between 1970 and 1971 in Milan, which remained at a design level due to the untimely Paolo Scheggi’s death.

The project, of visionary contemporaneity, consists of architectural drawings, sketches, and notes regarding an imaginary Temple, a container of linguistic objects representing the primary forms of social, subjectivity and power, such as Oggetto preesistente (Pre-existing Object), Moneta virtuale (Virtual Coin), Portaparole (Words Holder), Pietra miliare (Milestone). Those thoughts come together in Il Trono (The Throne) by Agnetti and Scheggi in 1970 and exhibited in Rome at Mana Art Market gallery; thoughts deepened in Il Tempio. La nascita dell’Eidos (The Temple. Birth of Eidos) testifying the extraordinary vitality of the thought of the two artists, who since the end of the Sixties have tackled some pressing problems of political and philosophical nature, still today at the center of public debate, such as virtuality of money, manipulation of language, transmigration of cultural forms, and media control.

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    Vincenzo Agnetti, Museo del Novecento.