Photo by Sara Scanderebech.


Spazio Martín
Via Alfredo Catalani, 35, 20131 Milano MI


25 May 2022 - 12 Jun 2022




Spazio Martín presents Sara Scanderebech’s first solo exhibition in Milan. A fundamental dynamic element along with music in Sara’s biography and artistic journey, water resignifies reality by bringing to the surface and in the series of works on display, the traces of a spell that binds the underwater dimension to the human and terrestrial dimension.

The condition of hyper visibility of the images that is determined in the extreme proximity to the subject as well as in the lucid transparency of that which is touched, submerged or bathed by the water, establishes the terms for the manifestation of an occurrence: more than the attempt to fix a microscopic knowledge of reality, the revelation of a fruitful and alien energy, elusive to any normative system that characterizes everyday experience.

La femmina ca no bbedde mai lu mare quandu lu edde li parse picciccu.*

Questioning as a possibility the limit of our ability to know an organic reality in continuous becoming, Sara’s artistic practice carries out through the medium of photography a verification of the sensitive and at the same time abstract quality of visual experience.

Besides many other possible interpretations, the Salento saying seems to suggest a different point of view of Sara’s work in which the complexity of reality is accomplished, and never resolved, in the direct experience of the body as well as in the imagination.

* To the woman who had never seen the sea, when she saw it, it seemed small.