Yona Friedman “Meuble Plus”
Photo by Gianluca Di Ioia.


Triennale Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano


01 - 17 Apr 2022



Yona Friedman “Meuble Plus”

This project, specifically designed by Yona Friedman for refugees, made with recycled materials, and today part of the Triennale Milano collection, summarizes the architect and urban planner’s research on the theme of “Mobile Architecture”, consisting of an immaterial infrastructure and moveable furniture-like “household” equipment at very modest costs. The piece was donated by the Friedman Foundation to Triennale and now enters the institution’s collection. Emilio Genovesi and Rodrigo Rodriquez enabled the creation of this work during the 2018 edition of Design Week and had planned its future placement at Triennale in order to make it widely accessible to the city of Milan.

The project, which was specially designed by Friedman for refugees and featuring three housing modules made of recycled materials, synthesizes the research of the architect and urban planner on the theme of “mobile architecture”, consisting of an immaterial infrastructure and mobile “domestic” elements similar to very low-cost furniture.