City Guide
Our favourite places to stop between exhibitions to eat, drink and shop.

Nottingham Forest

Creative cocktail recipes from around the world, served in a compact, rustic space with bar chairs.

Fioraio Bianchi Cafè

Rustic-chic cafe, filled with flower arrangements & greenery, for Italian fare with a modern twist.

Balera dell’Ortica

Homestyle Italian classics like lasagna & meatballs, plus boules courts & an open-air dance floor.


Elegant, traditional eatery with white tablecloths & tartan carpets for hearty, classic Tuscan fare.


Little has changed at this historic Milanese pasticceria founded in 1936.

Bar Basso

A true cult bar for sophisticated drinking devotees serving the signature Negroni Sbagliatos.


Contemporary showroom & exhibit space for designer & vintage furniture, lighting & home decor.