27th Compasso d’Oro Winners: Complete List

The top Italian design prize was awarded at the ADI Design Museum. These are the winners of the 27th Compasso d’Oro and why the jury picked them.

Cristian Fracassi accepting the Compasso d’Oro for “Isinnova,” a 3D printable valve that transform a snorkelling mask already on the market into a ventilation-assisted mask he designed with Alessandro Romaioli. ADI

27th Compasso d’Oro Awards:

ØG Zero Gravity
Company: Secco Sistemi Design – Secco Sistemi
Category: Furniture and accessories for the home

Innovative magnetic levitation sliding door system, also suitable for large size openings. The smoothness and absence of friction make the door opening particularly easy.

Company: Flos
Design: Ronan Bouroullec, Erwan Bouroullec
Category: Lighting fixtures and systems

Brand new lighting system using leather and LED with an interesting environmental dimension.

Consegne etiche
Company: Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana
Design: Dynamo, Idee in Movimento
Category: services

Cooperative platform for urban home delivery as an alternative to large platforms. The objectives are inclusion, participation and the involvement of civic society in a public service.

Contro l’oggetto. Conversazione sul design
Publisher: Quodlibet Autore
Author: Emanuele Quinz
Category: books

A series of conversations with Italian and international designers and theorists on the nature of 21st century design. An updated and contemporary book that questions the concept and function of design.

Delcon Milano™
Company: Delcon Design: Cefriel
Category: medical and hospital equipment

Design and technology redefine the management and checking of blood donations: an incentive to increase the number of those who donate.

Designing in Dark Times. An Arendtian Lexicon
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Virginia Tassinari (Editor) – Politecnico di Milano, Eduardo Staszowski (Editor), Clive Dilnot (Editor), Andrew LeClair (Graphic Design Director), Laura Wing (Managing Editor), Lesley Onstott, Lucas Teixeira Vaqueiro (Social Media Designers)
Category: books

A book and a new series to start thinking about the reasons and responsibilities of design today.

Company: Merlo
Design: Pier Luigi Porta (Product Design), Felice Contessini (Coordinator), Francesco Bessone (Technical design, machine layout), Ezio Viglietti (Electrical systems design), Federico Lopez (Product analysis)
Category: industrial machines and components

The traditional fork-lift truck intended for agricultural and industrial environments goes electric and offers a wider working context than before.

Goliath CNC
Company: Springa
Design: Springa
Category: industrial machines and components
A portable CNC robot milling machine functions as an agile and portable tool facilitating the use of this new technology.

IO, l’app dei servizi pubblici
Client: Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
Design: PagoPA, Team per la Trasformazione Digitale
Category: IT platforms

An open source application able to offer citizens an effective access point to a range of services offered by both central and local administrations.

Isinnova Easy-Covid 19
Company: Isinnova
Design: Cristian Fracassi, Alessandro Romaioli
Category: medical and hospital equipment

A competent example of cost-effective innovation, capable of combining components readily available on the market and experimental modules to provide an efficient response to the health emergency generated by the Covid-19 virus.

Company: Caimi Brevetti Design: Felicia Arvid
Category: office furniture and accessories

A sound-absorbing system in fabric that uses repeated modular folds and which is emblematic of simplicity and effectiveness in the creation of a product designed for the control of acoustics.

Company: Rev
Design: Makio Hasuike & Co.
Category: bicycles

A brilliant redefinition of traditional lightweight vehicles for new urban electric mobility aimed at the transport of people and the delivery of goods.

Company: Prensilia
Design: Elastico Disegno
Category: medical and hospital equipment

Neuroscience, artificial intelligence, bio-automation, ethics and beauty: the cyborg frontier becomes human.

Company: Fabita
Design: Adriano Design
Category: furniture and accessories for the kitchen

A kitchen idea that presents a new, ecological and sustainable way of living.

Company: Saib
Design: R&D Saib
Category: cladding

Panels and finishes that express a historical production awareness linked to a sustainable use of wood.

Pagani Huaira Roadster BC
Company: Pagani Automobili
Design: Horacio Pagani
Category: cars

An original combination of technological research, interior design and safety in a limited number production run.

Company: Magis
Design: Jasper Morrison
Category: furniture and accessories for the home

Essential and rigorous, it distills the very nature of the chair. A contemporary, resistant, and long-lasting die-cast aluminium object in line with the concept of sustainability.

Company: RiceHouse
Design: Tiziana Monterisi, Alessio Colombo
Category: cladding

Plaster mortars that combine lime and rice waste. A sustainable blend for buildings and the construction industry.

Serramaxxi & Serramidi
Company: Serranova
Design: Stefano Chiocchini
Category: social design

A device capable of redefining the cultivation of vegetables in order to guarantee small communities access to quality food in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Client: IIT – Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Design: IIT – Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, University of Limerick, Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Category: medical and hospital equipment

From the campus of the future that works for today comes an important piece of research capable of making movement more natural for those who are losing this ability.

27th Compasso d’Oro Lifetime Achievement Awards (Italy)

Giovanni Anceschi

Theoretical philosophy and design, psychology and design, art and design, Giovanni Anceschi’s journey is tangible evidence of how design is a living material and thrives on continuous interdisciplinary dialogue. His has been an exemplary path demonstrating coherence and civic commitment also expressed through the actions and activities of a dedicated and passionate teacher.

Francesco Binfaré

A career that has combined art, technological and typological inventions, poetry, method and tenacity: a career of authentic design, which has given much both to Italian businesses and business people as well as to the many colleagues with whom he has quietly collaborated. In so doing he has significantly contributed to the success of Made in Italy design.

Giulio Cappellini

Giulio Cappellini’s career has been one of continuously reading and re-reading the phenomena of design; capable of projecting his actions onto the contemporary world through his own personal poetry, as well as through his links with the many young talents he supports.

Antonio Citterio

An exemplary path in terms of consistency and quality and one which has contributed to the evolution of Italian professional design towards an increasingly advanced methodological model. During his career Antonio Citterio has been responsible for the physical creation of genuine Italian lifestyle icons worldwide.

Brunello Cucinelli

In a world where ephemeral and induced needs are combined with waste and greed, Brunello Cucinelli seeks out a balance between profit and environmental and social responsibility with courage and perseverance. His is a vision of humanistic capitalism that he has translated into exemplary products and actions, in a strategic context typical of the best Made in Italy design.

Michele De Lucchi

He is an exemplary representation of the virtuous relationship between technical-scientific culture and poetry. Never conventional, Michele De Lucchi’s career has developed with the creation of memorable products and architecture, constantly attentive to dignity and with a sense of responsibility towards man and the environment.

Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi is many things, but her hallmark is tirelessness, fueled by the energy of curiosity and her passionate view of everything in life. She sees without rhetoric or prejudices, capable of promoting indepth relationships with an international market and overcoming numerous ephemeral trends.

Rosy Vago

A long story of passion for quality design, a story full of affection such as that for her husband Antonio and children Davide and Simone, a story full of profound values such as friendship, honesty and consistency. A long and courageous story in which she has been able to interpret and anticipate the needs of an increasingly global market.

Giancarlo Zanatta

Technological and typological innovation have been the guiding lights along Giancarlo Zanatta’s long design and entrepreneurial path, taking his products to extreme levels of performance as well as projecting them into the collective imagination of Made in Italy.

27th Compasso d’Oro Lifetime Achievement Awards (International)

Lidewij Edelkoort

An intuitive and curious thinker, she has established her own path following the evolution of social and cultural trends with special attention dedicated to the training of young talents.

Hans Muth

A career closely linked to the world of motorcycling, capable of designing real typological leaps by means of products that have become icons not only for motorcyclists, but also for the general public.

Peter Opsvik

In a highly characterized context such as Scandinavian design, the main feature of his design path is linked to the quest for products capable of profoundly revolutionizing types of use, breaking behavioural stereotypes and promoting new hypotheses and forms of ergonomics.


Design: Joe Colombo (1963)
Production: Boffi

“Things have to be flexible”: this was Joe Colombo’s premise for the design of the compact kitchen module displayed at The New Domestic Landscape exhibition in 1972. Over the years this product has testified to the methodological approach of Italian design in its search for new relationships with use and consumption.

Design: Cini Boeri, Tomu Katayanagi (1987)
Production: Fiam Italia

A perfect synthesis of technological experimentation and formal research, the Ghost armchair designed by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi represents the desire to dematerialize the perception of function in favour of the user, who thus becomes the undisputed protagonist of the space.

Design: Gaetano Pesce (1969)
Production: B&B Italia

The perfect synthesis of technological experimentation and formal research, the Up armchair designed by Gaetano Pesce is a poetic witness to the complex relationship between the female figure and different socio-cultural contexts and at the same time a product which has always represented a vision of civic commitment to design.

The Italian Design Association also awarded a large number of students in the youth section of the prize, “Targa Giovani,” along with twenty-seven honourable mentions. To learn more about this year’s winner read our review here.

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