Salvo “Sicilie e città”

The exhibition is curated by Gianluca Ranzi, and focuses on two distinct moments of the artist’s production: the “Sicilie” and “Italie” of the 1970s and the theme of the city.

Lenz Geerk “Moonpaintings”

Lenz Geerk explores intimate, alienated worlds inhabited by pensive, dreamy figures. Depicting timeless melancholic environments, Geerk suspends and wraps the viewer in the mysterious and emotional intensity of his paintings.

Marta Spagnoli “Moltitudini”

The exhibition “Moltitudini” presents a body of works from 2022 in which the natural world remains at the centre of Marta Spagnoli’s interests.

Homage to Jannis Kounellis

Galleria Fumagalli pays homage to contemporary art master Jannis Kounellis presenting the screening of the play “Io” by Etel Adnan held at the Piccolo Teatro Strehler.

Alvaro Barrington “Sea Both Sides”

Alvaro Barrington’s “Sea Both Sides” is a very personal take on this play on words: having moved to the United Kingdom, Barrington reflected on his experience in London.

Milano Music Week

The sixth edition of Milano Music Week is the event in which the Italian music industry comes together creating new connections.

Milano Drawing Week

Milan’s Collezione Ramo presents the second edition of Milano Drawing Week.