A project centered around the theme of the rainbow – an archetypal symbol whose meanings have been investigated throughout the centuries.

Il cielo stellato

The exhibition, curated by Marta Cereda, features a cinematic and artistic project focused on the Madonna della Bruna festival in Matera.

Gian Maria Tosatti “NOw/here”

Pirelli HangarBicocca is hosting “NOw/here,” a personal exhibition by Gian Maria Tosatti, one of Italy’s most exciting artists in recent years.

10 Must-See Exhibitions in Milan this December

How bodies and performance are connected to society, environment and technology? The new exhibition “Japan. Body Perform Live,” on view at the PAC tries to answer to this question. Contextualizing the poetics of Japanese contemporary art of the 2000s, the exhibition deals with existential, political and social matters, carrying out multilayered dialogues between the works displayed. Above: Mari Katayama, you’re mine #001, 2014. Mari Katayama

New openings: from Robert Capa to Raphael. We rounded up the best exhibitions you shouldn’t miss during the holiday season.

La Carità e la Bellezza

The Christmas exhibition returns to Sala Alessi, “La Carità e la Bellezza” features 14th-15th century works by Beato Angelico, Sandro Botticelli, Filippo Lippi, and Tino Di Camaino from Florentine museums.

Au Bord

“Au Bord” brings together the stage direction of Valentino Villa – one of the most acclaimed directors and actors on the Italian scene – with the words of French dramatist and writer Claudine Galea.