Au Bord

“Au Bord” brings together the stage direction of Valentino Villa – one of the most acclaimed directors and actors on the Italian scene – with the words of French dramatist and writer Claudine Galea.

Livio Senigalliesi “Diario dal fronte”

“Diario dal fronte” traces the entire career of Livio Senigalliesi, one of the most internationally acclaimed photojournalists who has chronicled 25 conflicts around the world during 30 years of work.

Japan. Body Perform Live

The exhibition, curated by Shihoko Ilda e Diego Sileo investigates the Japanese contemporary art of the 2000s, focusing on how bodies and performances are connected to society, environment, materiality and technology.

Robert Capa. In the History

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Robert Capa’s birth, Mudec pays tribute to the great Hungarian photographer Robert Capa.

Patrons, Collectors, Philanthropists. From the Medici to the Rothschilds

The exhibition features more than 120 works from different periods from prestigious international museums such as the National Gallery in London, Musée du Louvre in Paris, Albertina in Vienna, Staatliche Museen in Berlin, and The Morgan Library & Museum in New York. On display are authors such as Verrocchio, Michelangelo, Bronzino, Caravaggio, Gherardo delle Notti, …

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“EL” Romeo Castellucci

A mechanical installation that invades the stage of the theater at Triennale completely occupying the visual space bounded by the stage arch.