10 Must-See Exhibitions in Milan this December

How bodies and performance are connected to society, environment and technology? The new exhibition “Japan. Body Perform Live,” on view at the PAC tries to answer to this question. Contextualizing the poetics of Japanese contemporary art of the 2000s, the exhibition deals with existential, political and social matters, carrying out multilayered dialogues between the works displayed. Above: Mari Katayama, you’re mine #001, 2014. Mari Katayama

New openings: from Robert Capa to Raphael. We rounded up the best exhibitions you shouldn’t miss during the holiday season.

Livio Senigalliesi “Diario dal fronte”

“Diario dal fronte” traces the entire career of Livio Senigalliesi, one of the most internationally acclaimed photojournalists who has chronicled 25 conflicts around the world during 30 years of work.

Robert Capa. In the History

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Robert Capa’s birth, Mudec pays tribute to the great Hungarian photographer Robert Capa.

Myth and Legend

A new group show devoted to the new King Kong Magazine issue which revolves around the topic of myths and legends is presented at Marsèll.

Alien “Bodybuilders”

Alien “Bodybuilders” is a solo exhibition and book launch by London/Milan based photographer Alien, documenting the New Drag and Club Kid alternative scene in the UK.

Manuel Cicchetti “Tempo Intermedio”

Tempo intermedio (Intermediate Time) is a project carried out over four years of work, during which Manuel Cicchetti traveled along Italy in search of various places.

PhotoVogue Festival 2022

For this seventh edition Alessia Glaviano, Head of Global PhotoVogue and Director of the Festival wondered what American critic Susan Sontag would say today about the ‘normalizing’ effect produced by repeated exposure to the content of images, launching a debate on what Glaviano called the ‘Contradiction of Overexposure,’ to discuss how the ubiquity of images …

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