5 truly surprising gifts under €50 from our Holiday Gift Guide

We selected the best new-ish things for every person on your list.

Monopoly – Louvre Edition

Discover the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum! Combine the major works in the museum’s collections to hold exhibitions. Be the first to buy works from the Louvre Museum as soon as you can. Organize exhibitions and attract a maximum of visitors during the game. Outbid your opponents at auctions and negotiate with them the works you want to buy. Take risks, be the smartest and win the game!


Omar Victor Diop

Omar Victor Diop is a self-taught artist and at forty-one he is one of the leading photographers of his generation. This new book, co-published with Galerie MAGNIN-A in Paris, for the first time brings together the photographer’s last three emblematic series: Diaspora (2014), Liberty (2017) and Allegoria (2021).


Van Gogh Sunflowers Teddy

This adorable Teddy features a design inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers. With a cuddly vibrant yellow body, soft black nose and twinkling black eyes, Sunflowers Teddy will appeal to both children and adults alike.


Maurizio Cattelan personal Pirelli Badge

Inspired by Pirelli’s corporate badge, Maurizio Cattelan has personalised the layout in an ironic way with his portrait. In addition to the badge, the kit consists of a badge holder and a lanyard with the Pirelli logo.


Alvar Aaltissimo “Case Milanesissime”

Intelligent, playful, and ironic, the book “Case Milanesissime” is a compendium of surreal (or hyperreal?) floor plans of imaginary flats offered for rent or sale in Milan.


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