First Look: Yngve Holen “Neuroeconomics” at Spazio Maiocchi

The Norwegian-German artist continues his decade-long exploration of the post-human entanglement between bodies and objects of consumer culture.

T-space Studio

Primarily working with sculpture and installation, Norwegian-German artist Yngve Holen delves into a wide range of modern industries—from automotive, food production and robotic science, to plastic surgery and aviation— to investigate the way technologies shape our desires, fantasies, and longings. Taking over the entirety of Spazio Maiocchi’s exhibition galleries, an immersive floor carpet depicting a 3D-scanned cow carcass provides an abstract, uncanny landscape for visitors to walk through—punctuated by a series of sculptures which commingle the organic with the industrial.

“Neuroeconomics” is on view until May 27 at Spazio Maiocchi.

News staff