A new exhibition celebrates Italian design

“Throughout its history, Triennale has always had an inextricable bond with the discipline of design” said architect Stefano Boeri.

Marco Sammicheli, curator of design, fashion, crafts sector and superintendent Museo del Design Italiano. Gianluca Di Ioia

“The Museo del Design Italiano (Italian Design Museum) is a unique example of a public collection that conveys a sense of the value and importance of Italian design to a very wide audience, not just to professionals” – said Stefano Boeri, president of Triennale Milano, about the recently unveiled new look of the exhibition.

“Throughout its history, Triennale has always had an inextricable bond with the discipline of design and, indeed, ever since it was first setup, it has always been a focal point for debate, helping define the discipline itself. It is for these reasons that, after giving the Museum a permanent display structure in 2019, we decided to take it yet another step forward. On the one hand, we have expanded the information and content, drawing on the extraordinary heritage of the Triennale Archives and, on the other, we have consolidated and strengthened the network of donations and free loans. We also consider accessibility to be absolutely key and this has informed our choices concerning texts and resources. Our aim is to make telling the story of Italian design both open and inclusive. In other words, ensuring that it really is for everyone,” Mr. Boeri continued. The museum is working with the not-for-profit organization LEDHA, League for the rights of persons with disabilities, to create an accessible environment.

The exhibition now features “a series of fixtures on the perimeter walls tell the story of Triennale, which will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2023, as well as of the International Exhibitions and of the shows that have included some of the items on display” said Marco Sammicheli (pictured above), director of the Museo del Design Italiano. “New captions have been made for all the objects on display, and there are texts that put into context the historical periods and exhibitions, as well as particularly significant moments in the history of design that have links to Triennale,” stated Mr. Sammicheli in a note to the press.

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