A new exhibition in Milan explores circular design

Nine talented designers have created works using objects recovered from IKEA’s circular hubs.

Parasite 2.0 are among the designer invited by IKEA and BASE Milano to create works for the Circular Collection.

How can we minimize waste and turn it into something useful again? This question led IKEA to collaborate with the BASE cultural center in Milan on a new project.

Nine talented designers have created works using objects recovered from IKEA’s circular hubs, the areas of the IKEA shops dedicated to the sale and purchase of second-hand furniture. Keyword: reuse, an essential theme for design as it is central to helping our Planet and future generations.

The exhibition, open until 17 December, features new projects by Matteo Guarnaccia, Andrea de Chirico, Parasite 2.0, and The Ladies Room collective. The exhibition will also host the students of the Brera Academy, protagonists of a continuous workshop during which they will transform used furniture into new objects, ready for a second life.

The projects presented by The Ladies Room, titled “Slow Assemblage”, part of the Circular Exhibition at BASE Milano.

The ‘Circular Exhibition’ was born from the collaboration with BASE Milano, the well-known project of innovation and cultural contamination in the heart of Zona Tortona. The BASE has taken care of the selection of the designers, part of the community of creatives who live daily in its spaces with residencies and exhibitions, and who best represents the innovative and trans-sectoral vision of the Milanese cultural center. 

With this vision, the artists have created the pieces in the Circular Collection. Second-hand furniture turned into works of art.

“Throughout the year, BASE develops projects on the future of design that culminate with the Design Week. With IKEA Italia, we are looking at second chances for objects, circularity, and environmental solutions. We are happy to do it together with designers we have been collaborating with for a long time and that we have selected for their creative approach” explains Giulia Cugnasca, Operations Director of BASE.

The works can be purchased during an online auction in collaboration with CharityStar, and the proceeds will be donated to the Legambiente association, which has always been committed to environmental protection.

Gianmaria Biancuzzi is Executive Editor of Milano Art Guide. He writes a column on photography for Exibart and previously he reported for Zero.eu from 2016 to 2020. He is the creator and co-curator of the best-selling “The Colouring Book” published by 24OreCultura in 2020.