Margherita Hack monument competition winner announced

The location has also been revealed.

Sissi, "Sguardo Fisico: una scultura a Margherita Hack" Rendering, Largo Fresco Richini, Milan. Credits Riccardo Orsini.

Sissi is the winning artist of the commission for a new monument in Milan. The statue will celebrate the Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack.

Casa degli Artisti in partnership with Fondazione Deloitte invited eight women artists to take part in the competition: Chiara Camoni, Giulia Cenci, Zhanna Kadyrova, Paola Margherita, Marzia Migliora, Liliana Moro, Sissi, and Silvia Vendramel. The jury, presided by critic Vincenzo Trione, announced the winners on Wednesday morning at the Casa degli Artisti in Milan.

“Each artist has explored a different aspect of the figure of Margherita,” said Anna Wolter, astrophysicist, and researcher at the Brera Astronomical Observatory.

“We’re happy to announce that the monument will be located on Largo Richini, in front of the University of Milan” Tommaso Sacchi, Councillor for Culture of the City of Milan, announced during the press conference.

“Placing the monument dedicated to Margherita Hack in front of the Università Statale increases the already high symbolic value of this operation which, we should remember, has seen the artistic and design contribution of several internationally renowned artists. The work of art will be placed in a central and historic space, a place of great passage for citizens and students, enriching Milan’s public art heritage with a highly evocative contemporary image of the great scientist,” he added.

The project “Something unexpected” by artist Marzia Migliora won a special mention from the jury. “The work is based on the scientist’s scientific studies but plays with some elements of her life,” reads the jury’s motivation.

“The project was born from Margherita Hack’s life, of having made study and curiosity her career,” says Marzia Migliora, visibly excited. “I wanted to bring the stars down to earth,” Migliora says of her project. “The work has a playful aspect to it that cannot fail to remind me of Margherita Hack’s sympathy, her ability to translate complex things in a simple way,” she added.

Sissi, “Sguardo Fisico: una scultura a Margherita Hack”. Preparatory sketch.

Sissi’s work depicts Hack as a metamorphosis, a person born of the elements of a galaxy and engaged in studying the stars that formed her. The sculpture represents an uninterrupted flow of life, starting and ending with the stars. As if the scientist looked at the cosmos from within it rather than from the outside. Sissi’s monument to Margherita Hack is a bronze sculpture that depicts her as she emerges from a galaxy, observing the stars. “Margherita looked beyond,” said the artist. “The shape of the spiral, of the galaxy brings Margherita out, and gives light to her thought.”

Gianmaria Biancuzzi is executive editor of Milano Art Guide.